Eternal love
Guangzhou | 37years | college
Strong self-control Freelance 155cm
Like a quiet, harmonious and loving life! Sincerely looking for one heart and one morality ~ he who is honest, kind, courageous and responsible, join hands with him for the rest of his life! If you are interested, please look at my photos and information carefully, if you are the one, thank you!
distant time
Shengzeng | 30 | school
other 158cm 8,000-12,000
+ 1
I am looking for men in Guangdong, aged 28-38 years old, with a monthly salary of 12000-20000 yuan
Gdsf2 | 32 | college
enjoy Academic 160cm
I am looking for males in Yuancheng District, Heyuan, Guangdong, aged 30-34 years old, with a college education and a monthly salary of more than 5,000 yuan
Guang | 37s | college
unwilling 155cm 5-8000
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Hope to have a warm home with you! It's as simple as it gets!
Guangzhou | 32 | college
enjoy Introverted High school teacher
+ 1
My own situation: Finally, I know that boys are under a lot of pressure in this society, so I don't need you to buy me all kinds of things, just like the ancestors (what 520 Valentine's Day birthday, don't spend money to buy things for me, it doesn't matter if you don't remember), equality That's good, don't disturb if your mind is not right, don't disturb if you talk about it。
Guangzhou | 29岁 | college
传统 其他职业 160cm
Guangzhou | 36岁 | college
物业管理 158cm 5-8千
简简单单 奇奇怪怪 认认真真 我特别好 希望你像星辰,善良,明亮
Guangzhou | 40岁 | college
销售经理 162cm 8千-1.2万
+ 24
每个人都有属于自己的缘份天空,我相信在某一角落一定有个你在等我。 转眼又是新的一年,不知什么时候开始,已经变得害怕时光飞逝,害怕日子一天天过去,而自己却依然孤影飘零。不愿将就,不愿勉强,也不愿委屈求全,只愿得一人心,白首不分离。不再伤春悲秋,一起经历人生风雨的洗礼,同舟共济,携手前行。可好? 真诚征婚,非诚勿扰。 备注:很喜欢小孩,没有生育能力,不介意离异有小孩,会视如己出。工作是在家办公,工作地点没有限制。广州深圳Guanghou惠州,都可以。
Guangzhou | 32 | college
enjoy cooked Sales Executive
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I am optimistic, confident, sincere, warm and easy-going. I am a girl who does not like liveliness and lives her life quietly and indifferently. I hope to absorb nutrients in life, constantly improve myself, have the ability to grow, and be a simple and elegant woman. I hope that the other partner is a responsible, responsible, cultivated, gentle, kind, sunny, optimistic, life-loving, positive, gentle man. Sincere friends, married, do not disturb with children. You Are the One! Thanks!
Guangzhou | 36岁 | college
enjoy restrained other
she has no more pictures
May you be on the way... May you be what I think... May you be my sweet...
misty misty
Guanghou | 32 | college
157cm 3-5000
Not here to relax, sincerely looking for the other half to meet the conditions
Ma Hemei
Guanghou | 35s | Underg
enjoy being alone restrained Accounting
+ 3
 I don't have too many requirements for life, I like to capture sincerity from simplicity, feel the simplicity from the plain, like the colorful clouds in the morning, like the flowers and plants under the blue sky; I prefer the dusk under the sunset. I savor the bits and pieces of life with my heart, interpret the five flavors of life with emotions, and never envy those illusory things. I know very well that life is only a few decades, and I am content with longevity.
good time
Guanghou | 38s | Underg
intimate lover Salesperson 155cm
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In my heart, I always wanted to be a simple little woman, and I also wanted to be a silly woman. I didn't have to worry about the big and small things...
small white peach
Hangzhou | 31 | college
teacher 162cm 3-5000RMB
The wounds that can be told have long since healed, but the pain that is never mentioned hurts the soul. The scars of the past do not have to be forgotten, but must be let go. The best way is to start anew, to love, to believe...
Peace and joy
Guangzhou | 34years | Underg
Education 158cm 1.2-2 RMB
she has no more pictures
do you know? ? I want to marry you, I want to live with you, I want to open my eyes every day to be in your arms, buried in your chest to see your sleeping face, I want to wake up in the morning The first thing I see is you, I want to be when you cook I want to hug you from behind, I want to taste all kinds of food together, experience all kinds of novel and fun things, I want to complain about anecdotes that I have seen, I want to go for a walk together in autumn night, I want to hide under the covers and watch old movies together in winter …………Where are you?